Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pinto Game and Outside Work

Dallas' team is cruising right along through their season - they only have 3 more regular season games before the tourney starts.  They currently have 6 wins-3 losses-2 ties.

Today they played the other St. Wendel Pinto team.  Our boys played hard, and had an awesome comeback inning, but they still ended up loosing.
The most exciting part was that Dallas hit the ball off the machine!  It has been a few games since he has done that.  Unfortunately, he was thrown out at first base, but let's hope this ends the drought he has been in.
After the game, we came home and unloaded the 2 yards of mulch we picked up that morning.  I then took Reba and headed to get another 1 and 1/3 yards of mulch and a new phone.  (Julianne had dropped mine in water a few days ago, and I fried it when I plugged it in without it being completely dried).  Once I got home, we finished laying the mulch, and then we got to work finishing the garden planting.  Thankfully, we had good helpers!

Until next time...

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