Monday, April 6, 2015


With Dallas having had a baseball scrimmage game on Saturday, we stayed in town for the majority of the weekend.  We were also able to go to our church for Easter morning Mass.  It is the first time we have done this since Dallas was born.  Thankfully, the kiddos let me grab a quick photo after church.
We then quickly changed and got back in the van to head to my cousin Kathleen's house for the afternoon.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and the little cousins were able to run and play in the yard!
Later in the day, we lined up all the littles for a picture before releasing them into the yard for an egg hunt!
L-R: Brooks, James, Bria, Me (hanging onto) Julianne, Dallas, Grace, Vivian, George Martin, Austin, and Reba
Julianne knew exactly what to do!
Again, the best part is breaking open the eggs to find out what is inside!

Some of the kiddos got a small sports ball in their eggs, they then proceeded to throw it in the yard...

Which led to a bit of a tackle-fest among the older boys
While the girls enjoyed chasing the bubbles
I hope you were able to enjoy your Easter celebrating the joyous resurrection of our Lord with your loved ones.

Until next time...

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Erin Padgett said...

Love getting all caught up on the fam! The kids are adorable and growing so much! Hope you guys are having a great time celebrating Katie's big day this weekend. :)