Sunday, March 15, 2015

7th Birthday Party

What a wonderful day celebrating a special little man!  Thanks to everyone that came and spoiled Dallas with love and gifts.

Dallas could not wait for lunch to finish up and tear into the presents waiting for him in the living room.  Enjoy a few of the pictures I captured from the day.

When trying to decide on a "theme" for the party and what to put on the cake, Dallas stated that he would rather have pie than cake.  He really wanted a raisin pie, but I wasn't confident in making one.  Thankfully, we were at an awesome Amish bakery a few weeks prior that makes the most wonderful raisin pies (according to Dallas and Daddy).  We picked up a pie there and froze it until the party.  I also made a triple berry pie for those that were not interested in the raisin.

Until next time...

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