Friday, February 13, 2015

The Baby Chicks are Hatching

Yesterday, I went to the basement to change laundry, and I heard chirping noises!  I rushed over to the incubator, but there were no chicks.  I did see 3 eggs with pip holes!  I grabbed my phone and got a video so you could hear the chicks

I then excitedly called Doug to let him know what I had discovered.  The kiddos and I kept checking on them through the afternoon and evening, but none hatched.  Doug then checked on them after the rest of us were in bed, and this is what he found...
Our 1st chick to hatch!

Doug was so excited to show the kiddos the next morning, and well, they were pretty excited too! 
Check out how much they dried off through the night, and look closely, two more had hatched during the night.
Until next time...

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