Saturday, February 28, 2015

(Great) Grandpa's Birthday

My Grandpa Robertson turned 90 last weekend.  We all gathered at Gastof Amish Village earlier today to celebrate, and it so so wonderful how many family members turned out for his party!

Sugar loved the fried chicken.
Little Miss and Big D loved the ice cream and desserts!

They also had an awesome time playing with their cousins
As well as meeting the newest ones

Near the end of the party, we gathered everyone around the birthday boy for a few photos...

Standing L-R: Uncle Dave & Aunt Carol (my dad's sister), Teresa (Ma-maw) & Jim (Pa-paw), Aunt Marine & Uncle Joe (my dad's younger brother), Aunt Joyce, Uncle John (my dad's youngest brother) & Aunt Kelly
Seated L-R: Aunt Mary (my grandpa's sister), Grandpa Ward, and Uncle Dayton (Aunt Mary's husband)
 Grandkids & Spouses
A few of the 21 Great-Grandkids
Until next time...

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