Sunday, January 4, 2015

Cuddle Bugs

I love it when the kids snuggle up with me.  Reba is typically the first one to cuddle, and I have always called her my cuddle bug.  Dallas will occasionally sit with me, but he doesn't stay too long (he doesn't have much of a "sittin' butt").  And, well, Julianne...she has never been one to want to be held, let alone cuddle!  So, I was pretty excited when she came to join Little Miss and I during one of our snuggles!
Then, someone thought he needed to "photo bomb" us...where does he learn these things?

Until next time...

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Carla said...

Julianne likes to snuggle w/ me! Seems to be the way I can get her to settle down when she's here and used to be the only way I could get her to sleep when she was here. Mattison is my cuddle bug!