Monday, December 1, 2014

Julianne's {first} 1st Birthday Party

We were able to celebrate Julianne's (upcoming) birthday with my side of the family while up north this past weekend.  Thankfully, Aunt Katie and Uncle Brian were back for the holiday and join, too!  Sugar wasn't too sure about the hoop-la of opening presents, but she gradually figured it out.

Julianne loves cats, and will screech "tit-ty" when she sees one, so it was only fitting to put a kitty on her cake.
This is probably my favorite picture, I just wish it wasn't so dark (I've already lightened it the best I could).  Julianne saw the kitty on her cake and tried to pet it.  Of course, she ended up with a handful of icing!
Yep, she's still licking the icing off her fingers

Since Reba's party was just last week, this was not Julianne's first time having cake.  It was though, the first time I was letting her do it on her own!  She didn't know what to think about that.

No fear, she figured out what to do!

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