Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Julianne!

Today our Sugar-babe turned 1 year old!  The weather wasn't completely opposite as it was a year ago, as there was no snow on the ground.  We enjoyed the our morning at a toy show in southern Kentucky, and then came home to have our friends (and Julianne's godparents) the Schenks over for supper, gift opening and cake.

Julianne's cake looked almost identical to the one I made her last weekend...and she loved it once again!
Our birthday girl - not wanting to sit still to have her picture taken!
Present time!
You might say she had a few extra helpers willing to lend a hand getting the paper off the packages...
...and willing to help test the new toys!

Matt and Carla recorded a story for her - such a neat idea!

She's ready for the cold weather - if it ever decides to show up

Julianne wasn't too happy that I was holding the cake too far away; she couldn't pet the kitty!
I had been working with her on blowing, but she wasn't able to muster up enough wind to get the candle out
It didn't take her any time at all to dive into the cake this time!

I thought I would be nice and share some ice cream, but Sugar made such a face when she took a bite.  I thought she didn't like it, but she turned back for more and made the face again and again!
Until next time...

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Carla said...

Would you care to email me the pic of her with her book and the one toward the beginning of her and all the kiddos...guessing Doug took it from behind and above me.