Monday, December 22, 2014

1st Grade Party

Since school was closed one day in November because of snow, the students had to go today to make it up.  Their classroom parties were also postponed from Friday to today.  As one of the room parents for Dallas' class, I was in charge of planning the party.  After searching Pinterest, I came up with a few ideas, sent out a couple emails to gather supplies, and held a spectacular party (if I say so myself)!

The first activity was an obstacle course called, "Don't Ring the Bells".  The kiddos had to crawl under a limbo bar, walk across a balance beam, and step through the hula hoop, all while not making a bell ring.

The class then made snowmen ornaments out of pipe cleaners
had a relay race (where they had to find matching bows in the kettle before returning to their line)
We then had a snow"bow" fight - which they LOVED!
We ended with a relaxing game of Christmas Bingo
Until next time...

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