Friday, October 24, 2014

Starring Julianne

I thought I would share a couple videos I have recently captured of Sugar.

Julianne attempting to stand on her own
August 13

My Sugar-babe really can laugh!
August 30

Making progress on standing
October 12

Our little field helper! Julianne has taken an interest in this combine.  It was Daddy's when he was a kiddo.
October 13

Julianne is really good at feeding herself these days.  She also loves to "blow" her nose and make it go "beep, beep".
October 22

We have noticed Julianne starting to initiate peek-a-boo games.  She also will clap along with pat-a-cake, even though she doesn't play along in the video.
October 24
Until next time...

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