Monday, October 20, 2014

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Tonight was Dallas' parent/teacher conference.  Unfortunately, Doug wasn't able to attend, so I had all three kiddos in tow.  Dallas and Reba sat nicely outside the classroom, while Julianne and I chatted with Mrs. Schuler.  Overall it was a great conference, and I couldn't be more proud of all the accomplishments Dallas is making in school.

Before heading to the conference, Reba had to catch a little nap.  She made the bed herself!
Outside of Dallas' class, there were multiple projects the class had completed.  Here are a few of the things Dallas has done thus far...

Portraits created to go with the story, "Arlo Needs Glasses"
Repetitive shapes (circles)
My Scarecrow...
The scarecrow described in the above picture
The students also made Jack-o-lantern faces according to how they answered the following questions.

Apparently, Dallas has never had pumpkin seeds, doesn't know if he likes pumpkin pie, likes happy jack-o-lanterns, and caramel apples are his favorite fall treat!

Until next time...

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