Friday, October 10, 2014

Fun Friday Fotos - Field Trips

On Tuesday, Dallas' 1st grade class (along with the kindergarten and 2nd grade classes) had their fall field trip.  Daddy was lucky enough to take the day off work and join Dallas!  They started with a trip to a local pumpkin patch - Goebel Farms.  They also went to the 4-H Fairgrounds for lunch and time to play.  Then, they finished up at Oaklyn Library.

These were the boys in Doug's group - Kaleb, Dylan and Dallas {Daddy was a little bit worn out when he got home :) }
Dallas trying to decide what to pick out in the patch
The three amigos and their treasures!

On Wednesday, Reba's PreK class had their fall field trip.  I was able to join her while Carla watched Julianne.  Reba's class went to Goebel Farms, too!  The kiddos were soooo excited to ride a school bus!
Reba taking her turn on the rope swing
Little Miss and the pumpkin she picked from the patch
At the end of the trip, Mrs. Gries asked each child what their favorite part of the field trip was.  This wheat table was Reba's favorite.
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