Sunday, October 5, 2014

Applesauce 2014

A was chatting with a friend at school earlier in the week about gardening and canning and making baby food when she asked if I would like some apples.  "Yes!" I replied instantly.  I asked if she had apple trees; to which she replied they have 4.  We set up a time to meet so I could pick some apples.  As we talked a little more, she commented about the sweet taters I had recently harvested.  I asked if she would be interested in some; to which she replied "Yes!"  We made a trade, and both walked away happy as clams.

Dallas was kind enough to help me run all the apples through the Sauce Master.
I ended up with 18 quarts of applesauce!  I spiced up the applesauce this year and added cinnamon!  The older kiddos love it when I buy the cinnamon flavor at the stores, so I thought, "Why not make it myself."  I had one jar not seal during the water bath process, so we put it in the fridge to eat.  I think it is safe to say they liked it because the jar was empty within 4 days!

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