Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Last Days of my Garden

I think our garden is finished for the year.  Doug helped me dig/pull the carrots over the weekend.  Not half bad for the low amount that sprouted from the two varieties that we planted.
Doug also dug one of the sweet potato plants.  There were some good size taters on that plant - this was one of the largest.
Yesterday after school, the kiddos helped me dig the remaining plants.  Enjoy the pictures I was able to capture between digging and supervising.

Dallas even took this picture for me.  All those taters came off one plant!
I think Dallas had a wheelbarrow load from each plant we dug; there were 23 plants!
About half way through, my helpers left me to finish by myself (there were two rows on the edge of the garden)
This sweet tater was poking above the ground when I pulled away the vines
There were only two potatoes on the plant!  One HUGE sweet potato and one average-sized tater.
When it was all done, I had two 5-gallon buckets and a wheelbarrow full!
Until next time...


gram said...

that pic of Doug and the sweet potatoe reminds me of a pic of my dad and his sweet potatoe years ago.

Rajean B. said...

That's exactly why I took it! Doug and I talked about that photo, and we both decided that Grandpa's sweet tater would be the winner as it was bigger.