Friday, September 26, 2014

Reader's Theater

Dallas' class put on their first "Reader's Theater" this afternoon, and Julianne and I were able to attend.  Mrs. Schuler, his teacher, said they will do one of these at the end of each reading unit.  As the year progresses, the skits will get longer and more involved.  All of the students did an excellent job, but I especially proud of Dallas.  He paid attention to the other students as they read, and he always knew when it was his turn.  He also spoke in such a clear and loud voice.  I can't wait to see more of these "theater" productions!

The first group to do their skit.  It was about a little girl learning not to be afraid of spiders.
The second skit was about two frogs having a hopping contest.  It was super cute!
Dallas' group was the last one to go.  That's Dallas' best friend, Ryan, waving to me!  Their skit was about a dragon that was causing trouble for a town.  Dallas played the role of Sir Drake who changed the dragon's behavior :)
Here is the video I took of Dallas' performance.  Unfortunately, there is a terrible "buzz" throughout the clip, and you will also hear Julianne heckling the actors...
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