Monday, July 28, 2014

Morgan County Fair

This past weekend, we showed at our last county fair for the summer.  Doug, Julianne and I drove through a few showers Saturday morning to get to the fair, while Pa-paw, Ma-maw, Aunt Lisa, Dallas and Reba (yep, the older kiddos have spent the last week with them) drove through an absolute down-pour!

The rain did move out around noon, but it left very humid temperatures!  We all survived, and Julianne was able to enjoy her first ice cream treat.  (and her being the third child, I forgot to take pictures)

Enjoy the photos from the evening, and once again, thanks Ma-maw for taking the pictures.

Ram lamb class
Yearling ewe class

Yea!  Our ewe finally beat Pa-paw/Aunt Lisa's ewe
Mountain Man Farms - pair of yearling ewes
Reba leading Rachael for the ewe lamb class
Pocketing their ribbons
Mountain Man Farms - pair of ewe lambs
With our yearling (Rebecca) winning her class, I was able to go back for the champion drive.  Too bad we didn't win.
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