Monday, May 19, 2014

Dallas' Spring Field Trip

This past Friday, Dallas' Kindergarten class took one last field trip.  Along with the first and second grades, we headed to Mesker Park Zoo in Evansville.  Doug and I have taken the kiddos to the zoo on a couple different occasions, but it has never been as crowded as it was on this trip!  I guess all the other local schools had the same idea.

We lucked out and had a very nice spring day.  The forecast had called for rain in the morning, but it held out until all the kiddos were back on the bus at the end of the day!  Aright, on to pictures...

The first animal we came across was the Jaguar!
Dallas' best bud, Ryan was with us (along with Julianne - she refused take her milk from a bottle; therefore, I didn't think it would be a good idea for her to spend the day with a babysitter).  Ryan was most excited to see the wolves.  You can't seem them in the picture below, but they were out and about playing that morning.
The zoo recently opened a new history section.  I didn't realize, but Mesker Park Zoo is Indiana's first zoo!

We had a little bit of time to watch the monkeys play before we had to head over to the shelter houses for lunch.  I told the boys we could go back after eating, but the little monkeys were not in the playing mood then.
Luckily, we found a place where my two monkeys could play!
The zoo has a lot of peacocks that roam freely around the zoo.  On more than one instance, we had to step to the side as they passed us on the sidewalks.  Unfortunately, the only one we saw with his tail feathers spread open was quite a bit away.  I only had my cell phone for a camera; therefore, the pictures didn't turn out well.

A few more random photo opportunities around the zoo...

Dallas' Kindergarten class
Back Row (L-R): Dillion, Dallas, Katelyn, Maddi, Ella, and Lily
Front Row (L-R): Emily, Catelyn, Payton, Elliot, and Ryan
Until next time...

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