Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy 2014!

I do believe I am caught up with my blogging.  I have spent the majority of yesterday and today editing photos and creating posts.  I have back-dated them all to the day the "events" occurred.  If you would like to read them from the beginning of my hiatus, then please click here and then read through the "newer" posts.

Until next time...I will try to get back in a regular blogging pattern.


Katie said...

Such great updates!!! I am glad that you were able to post a few pictures. Thanks for sharing!!!

The Stockment's said...

Rajean - loved catching up. 5 is wild and crazy fun, isn't it? Beautiful little family! Not sure if you already know this -- but have you used blog2print before? It's a great site where you can turn your blog, into books! I just got done printing mine from 2007 (when I started) through this year. GREAT keepsake at a decent price!! Enjoy that sweet family!!

Anonymous said...

What a great update. I is so proud of all of you. I really enjoyed spending Christmas with everyone! Give those sweet kiddios a kiss and a hug from their GG.