Saturday, December 14, 2013

Taylorsville Toy Show

Julianne was able to attend her first toy show today!  We loaded up early this morning and made the drive over to Taylorsville, KY.  Shortly after we arrived, Dallas' name was drawn for a door prize, and then Gram and Pa arrived!  The FFA chapter puts on the show each year, and they do a great job!  They have lots of vendors, an amazing amount of farm displays, a play area for kids, and Santa!
Julianne really didn't know what to think of Santa...
Like I said, they have a play area for kids.  One section is a sand corn box, and the other is full of pedal tractors!  It took a little convincing to get the kiddos out of the corn box and hop on a pedal, but then we couldn't get them off the pedals to go get some food!

After leaving the show, we crossed the road to grab some food at Dairy Queen!  I was able to capture a good picture of Julianne with Gram
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Missy!! said...

Man, Dallas has GREAT taste in pedal tractors!!! ;)