Sunday, December 8, 2013

Going Home!

This morning we learned that we were still on track to go home today, but it wouldn't be until the afternoon.  The state of Indiana requires a blood draw for newborns to be done at two days (48 hours) old...and not a minute earlier.  That being said, it would be after 2:14 p.m. that we would be released.  Luckily, the nurses and doctors all made their rounds early, and the release papers were put together by noon.  Therefore, we were free to go as soon as the blood draw was completed!

Ma-maw once again brought the older kiddos to the hospital, and Dallas was quick to ask to hold Julianne.
Not only did Ma-maw come today, but she surprised us with Pa-paw!
and Aunt Lisa!
The hospital also gave us a congratulations present to take home...
Dallas and Reba then agreed to help dress Julianne to go home

Dressed and ready to go

Fitting the carseat straps to fit a tiny baby (she had dropped to 7 lb 3 oz)
On the way home, 2 out of the 3 kiddos fell asleep...
Yep, Julianne pretty much cried the entire ride home, while Dallas and Reba slept.  Of course, those two had been two days with no naps...makes a difference.

Until next time...

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Melissa said...

I am so happy for you and your family. While reading through these last few posts I have been all teary. Such joy! I love the photo of you holding Julianne after you had her...that is a priceless photo. All the pictures and the story make me ready for another little one.