Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Friday Flick

I was finally able to get Reba to sit still long enough to answer some questions about her favorite things.  Enjoy the video!
I would have answered a few of the questions differently had I just filled out what Little Miss' favorites things were.  For instance...
Favorite Toy: Her baby dolls
Favorite Lunch: Ham "Samwich"
Favorite Thing to Wear: Necklaces and/or Earrings
Favorite Game: Memory Cards or Hide and Seek
Favorite Animal: Giraffe or Zebra or Cats
Favorite Song: Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker
Favorite Supper: Spaghetti and Meatballs
Favorite Thing to do Outside: Swing
Favorite Thing to do Inside: Color or Play-doh
Favorite Thing at School: Painting with her hands

I took her this morning for her 4-year-old check up.  Here is how our little girl measures up...
Height: 37.5 inches (this is up 2 inches from a year ago); 10th percentile
Weight: 33 lbs (this is up 3 lbs from a year ago); 33rd percentile

Overall, our Little Miss may be petite in size, but she is excelling in her developmental abilities.  Some of the questions Dr. Alex asked included:
Does she sleep well? Yes
Does she eat well and a variety of foods? Yes
Can she pedal a tricycle? Yes - and fast!
Is she potty trained? Yes - for 2 years now
Can she dress herself? Yes - he must not know how independent Little Miss is...
Can she draw a circle? Yes
Can she make a fist? Yes
Can she name at least two of her friends? Yes - remember she named 4 of them in her video interview!
Can she wash her hands? Yes
Can she brush her teeth? Yes
Can she play simple board games (i.e. Candyland)? Yes
Can she sing the alphabet? Yes and write the letters in her name
Can she count to 10? Yes and beyond
Can she trace lines? Yes
Does she know colors? Yes
Does she know basic shapes? Yes
Does she know at least two adjectives? Yes
Can she stack blocks? Yes
Can she hop on one foot? Yes

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

She's getting so grown up! Loved the video. GG