Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Last week, Dallas brought home another traveling book.  This one was about the things the students like to share.  Here is Dallas' page...
In case you can't tell, the pets Dallas is sharing are the chickens.  I asked which one was Dallas, and he said the one in the red shirt.  I really should have known, because his favorite color is red (4 out of the 5 school days, he chooses a red shirt with blue pants!).  I also asked if he was sharing with Reba, and he said no, it was a buddy at school.  I think he even called me silly, adding that Reba doesn't have brown hair.

Smart alec kid.

Until next time...

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Katie said...

Duh Mom...You should have known it wasn't Reba! :)

Those are actually pretty good Chickens! I am impressed with his drawing skills!