Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Little Van Gogh

A couple weeks ago, I spoke with Dallas' teacher as part of his mid-term progress report.  She had lots of wonderful things to say about Dallas and how pleased she is with his progress.  She also mentioned how impressed she is with his drawing abilities.  I thought I would share some proof of what she was talking about.

Dallas' kindergarten class has done a handful of "traveling books" so far this year.  These books have had different themes and each students contributes a page.  Then, they all take a turn bringing the book home to share and practice their reading skills.

One book Dallas brought home to share last week was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's self-portrait.  The students each used a mirror to look at their reflections as they drew their own self-portraits.  Here is Dallas' masterpiece
The other book he brought home was about things the students like to do.  This was Dallas' page (sorry the page behind his is showing through)
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Missy!! said...

In the swimmy picture.. I love his ears! :)