Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carving Pumpkins

You might remember while at the pumpkin farm, we picked a couple pumpkins from the patch.  So on Sunday afternoon (to end Fall Break), we decided they needed to be carved!

Reba dug right in scooping out the seeds.  Dallas, as you can see, wasn't so sure about it!
Momma even got caught on camera helping get the guts out (mind you I'm standing behind/bending over the bench part of the picnic table; I wasn't afraid of getting messy - as it might look)
Once Dallas found a spoon, he was able to dig out the seeds
Then, the kiddos decided this was the best approach!
Daddy carveing drilling the design on his and Dallas' pumpkin
Their final product (go Redlegs!)
Reba with the girls' pumpkin
Once it was dark enough, we set them on the front porch and lit them up!
The kiddos loved 'em!
Until next time...

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Carla said...

They turned out great! Looks like ours isn't going to end up carved this year :(