Thursday, August 15, 2013

Week 24

Another month has gone by for this pregnancy since I last blogged about Baby B#3.  Today, I had my week 24 check-up.  Everything is still going great!  Here is the current state of my bump...
I am current up 7 pounds since the start of the pregnancy, and my blood pressure is still excellent at 112/80.  Thankfully, I haven't experienced much swelling.  Actually, there has only been one day that I had swelling in my feet and ankles.  I noticed it the evening we returned from our mini-vacation to Cincinnati (a blog post about that will be coming soon...)  When we got home, and I took my shoes off, I couldn't believe the indention on my feet made from my shoes!  I never had any swelling while pregnant with Dallas nor with Reba, so this was something new for me.  Thankfully, the weather has turned cool again, and I am trying to do better about drinking more water during the day.

At today's appointment, Dallas was able to come along while Reba was in school.  Dallas was able to help by holding one end of the tape measure on my belly, and he was also able to hold the "speaker" end of the Doppler machine while listening to Baby's heartbeat.

In other news: The baby has been moving more and more each day.  The kiddos have tried a couple different times to feel the baby, but they haven't had any luck.  Neither has Daddy.  I'm sure it will be a matter of days before they will feel their first kicks!  Just last night, I was able to see my belly move with a few of the "hard" kicks, but the kiddos were already in bed.

Dallas and Reba love to kiss and hug on my belly, and they love talking to the baby; especially telling it bye at school and goodnight before going to bed.

They have also come up with a great plan in the last week or two on how they will be able to help with diaper changes.  Here is what they have come up with...Momma will take off the yucky diapers.  Dallas will put on his garden gloves and throw away the diapers (he doesn't want to get his hands dirty, he says), and Reba will get the clean one for Momma to put on the baby!  We'll see how well, or how long, this plan gets executed.

Oh yes, and the final say on my blood type change.  I think I mentioned before that my doctor had my blood type checked a second time at my 20 week appointment, and it again came back at O- (before I was O+).  The blood lab is going to stay with the O- type; therefore, at my next check-up (week 28), I will receive my first Rhogam injection.  This will help stop my immune system from attacking Rh-positive cells during delivery.  After the baby is born, and if the baby's blood type is in fact Rh-positive,  I will receive another Rhogam  injection, should there be another pregnancy after Baby B#3.  I found this explanation online, and I believe it explains the situation very well...should you want to read more.

Until next time...

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