Monday, August 26, 2013

Cincinnati Vacation - Part 1

We loaded up bright and early on August 6th for our mini-vacation to Cincinnati, Ohio.  We had been wanting to take in a Reds baseball game all summer, and we finally had found the time to make the trip!

Little Miss fell asleep about half way there - apparently, we got her up too early!
The baseball game wasn't until the evening, so we decided to check out the Newport Aquarium.

A quick photo with Daddy on the river before seeing all the fish and sharks
There were many of these tunnels that you walked through where you surrounded by fish, stingrays, and sharks!  The kiddos loved it!

The aquarium has the largest collection of Shark Rays in the world.  They were such cool creatures.
I believe this fish was called a lion head...
Dallas really enjoyed seeing the alligators
 One of the Lorikeets in the Rainforest Exhibit
Both of the kiddos LOVED all the different frogs on display in the Amphibian area

The kiddos amazed in another tunnel
Two stingrays swimming over our heads
A few of the jellyfish we saw
A quick snapshot with Momma
More sharks

 I think this was photo was to represent the largest great white shark ever caught
Daddy was the first one brave enough to touch the sharks!
The kiddos were not interested in petting the sharks, so we moved on to the Penguin display

On our way back through to find the exit, Reba decided she wanted to touch the shark!
Dallas finally decided to seize the opportunity!
Until next time...

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Melissa said...

I hope you had fun at the aquarium...Claire loves to go there!