Wednesday, May 29, 2013

T-Ball Game #4

Dallas had his 4th game on May 19th.  It was a make up game for one that had been rained out at the beginning of the month.  Unfortunately, Daddy had to go plant that afternoon and wasn't able to attend.  It was rather hot that afternoon, so we opted for shorts for this game.  I reminded Dallas multiple times not to slide into home plate!

The kiddos only advance one base at a time unless it's the last batter on the team, then they continue all the way around.  It's often hard for the kiddos to remember when to stop and when to go, but I loved this running one of Dallas - even if he had to go back to second base :)
While waiting on second, he had to switch batting helmets (we were a few short that night, they were rotating).  The "new" one was a bit small...
Rounding third for home (and, yes, he remembered to not slide!)
Dallas was once again able to play defense up by the pitching machine, and he was able to field a couple hits.
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