Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Over-night Stay with Pa & Gram

The other weekend, the kiddos were able to go spend a couple nights with Pa and Gram.  Enjoy the photos that Aunt Josie shared with us...

Dallas was super excited to check out Pa's new lift for his lawn mower.
Some how Reba got an ouchie on her forehead...and the yellow band-aid made it all better!
The kiddos went to visit with one of Aunt Josie's friends (Emily) who happens to have many animals that they absolutely loved

There were the goats...
This short little dog that Dallas called "Low Rider"
an alpaca
which is different than the llama
and there was a pony! 
Back at Pa and Gram's, Dallas found Daddy's old cowboy hat, and thought he looked great in it!
Until next time...

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