Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun Friday Foto - So Long, Lily

One morning on his way to work, Doug found himself in the McDonald's parking lot with a no-longer running Lily.

Luckily, one of his co-workers came and picked him up (he was literally just across the highway from work).  I then visited the mechanic next door to have him tow the car back and see what the problem was.  Long story, short.  It was more than we wanted to spend to keep the old gal running.  Thankfully, the mechanic was willing to buy her!
Farewell, Lily!  You sure were a great car.

Until next time...


emenchho said...

Are you guys replacing Lily? Sounds like a great deal with the mechanic buying her!

Missy!! said...

I think you should get a "pre-midlife crisis" car! I mean, I HOPE you aren't in your midlife already... I think a black convertible has your name ALL OVER IT!