Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dallas' Spring Field Trip

On May 10th, Dallas' PreK class took a field trip to Pump It Up.  Dallas was sweet enough to ask me to come along for this trip.

Dallas was super excited about riding the school bus!  On the way to school that morning, he asked if I would sit with him, but once he got on the bus, he chose to sit with his friends Eli and Spencer.
Dallas' class was the only group at the arenas that morning, so the 14 kiddos had plenty of chances to play on each and every inflatable.
There were a few new inflatables - such as the basketball hoops
the batting "cage"
the air cannons

and the Hooleyball
Here are other random photos from our morning...

St. Wendel PreK Class - 2013
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emenchho said...

Wow! He has a pretty decent sized class. Looks like tons of fun! We have a place similar to that around here, but our girls are a bit too old for it. Bummer! ha