Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Tails

Over the weekend, Pa-paw and Ma-maw came down to help us "work" sheep.  The lambs were needing their hooves trimmed, wool sheared, and a couple different vaccinations.

Pa-paw was happy to hand the clippers over to Momma...while Dallas watched and learned.

Yep, there's Reba "supervising" again

It was a somewhat warm day (mid-60's), but the kiddos felt they needed to play in the water that was in the pool from a recent rainstorm.
Then, they started using their shoes as scoops...
And the next thing we knew, they were standing and jumping in the water!
They were so proud of themselves!
Reba and Eleanor after her "haircut"
Until next time...


Carla said...

Just curious, why do you leave the wool on their face?

Rajean B. said...

Carla, I'm assuming you mean the wool on top of the head. We do that as part of the Dorset breed characteristics that are looked at during a show. Each breed has different charac. that set them apart from other breeds. The Dorsets are known for having a wool crown, as well as wool all the way down their legs (that's why we leave below the knee un-sheared as well). It will all be trimmed up and shaped better for shows. Hope that makes sense!