Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Tails

Over the weekend, we did a lot of outside work - including tilling the garden (more on garden work in another post).
Guess what we found on the last pass with the tiller...
Unfortunately, one little bunny was hit by the tiller (but Dallas thinks he found some band-aids is all better now).  We caught three of the little fellows, and we thought about keeping them to raise.  Then, Daddy "Googled" how to raise them and found out it is very hard and with a very low success rate.

So, we just played with them in the garage for a while and snapped a few pictures

We did try to feed them, but none of them were interested in the idea.
Once we were done playing, we took the bunnies back out to the yard.  We found a nice area under a bush close to where we found them.  There were lots of leaves under the bush, so they had lots of cover.  The next morning, Daddy saw a "Mommy" rabbit right next to the bush where we left the little ones, which made the kiddos extremely happy!

Until next time...

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