Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Photos

Before everyone had a turn with the stomach flu bug, we enjoy an afternoon "Picnic on the Patio"
During one of the recent rainy days, the kiddos were excited to be able to use the new umbrellas from Aunt Katie while we ran errands in town
The kiddos love to help with laundry (especially matching socks).  I caught Dallas with a pair of Daddy's socks on his feet and hands, while dancing in my bedroom!
Aunt Lisa calls her "Turkey", but one day at t-ball practice, she was definitely a Monkey!
Dallas taking his turn at batting practice
Until next time...


Katie said...

I am really glad they liked the umbrella's!!

Jenni said...

Matching socks is a favorite around here too! :-)

aunt josie said...

Lookin good dallas....where u get those dance moves?!?!?