Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Tails

First off...I have to mention that this is post 
Thank you to everyone that continues to follow our stories.  Ok...onto today's story...

You might remember Dallas posing with his new lamb in the pictures from his birthday party.  Here are a few more pictures from when Pa-paw brought the sheep!
Helping unload the equipment
Here's Dallas with his ewe lamb.  We asked him what letter he wanted the sheep's name to begin with when he couldn't think of a name.  He chose the letter "E", so Doug and I started listing names.  Dallas chose Eleanor.
Of course, Pa-paw didn't bring just one lamb.  He brought two!  Here's Little Miss with her ewe lamb.  Again, Reba couldn't come up with a name, so we asked what letter she wanted the name to start with.  Reba chose the letter "R".  After listing a few names, Rebecca was chosen for this little lamb.
Here's to our new adventure!
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emenchho said...

haha...Love it! Eleanor and Rebecca have surely found a wonderful new home and will be loved by their little owners :) I'm surprised your dad waited this long to bring sheep!

Missy!! said...

How fun!!! And.. congratulations on posting 1,000 entries!! Awesome! (Now if you figure out an easy way to print them off and bind them, I'm all ears!)

Enjoy those little sheepies! :)

Rajean B. said...

Erin, you might remember we had bottle lambs last year, but once they were weaned, they went back to Pa-paw's house. These ewes will stay here through the summer (and maybe fall), and will also go back to Pa-paw's for the winter. We don't have a fenced lot for them, so they are confined to a pen in the barn all the time. Momma and Daddy aren't quite ready to be full-time herdsmen. :)

Gram said...

I bet they will really enjoy them.