Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl - The Year of the Farmer

This year, I was watching the Super Bowl mainly for the commercials since my favorite team was not playing.  I was disappointed at half-time when there had not even been one Budweiser Clydesdales commercial!  I mean, you can't have a Super Bowl without the famous Clydesdales!  Remember some of these past commercials?  Not long after posting about my disappointment on Facebook, I was rewarded with a beautiful commercial.  I guess it's true when people say, "Ask and you shall receive."

But, it was a commercial that aired shortly after the horses graced my television screen that stole the show.  And I do believe I am not along when I say it was the best commercial EVER.  And judging by the way my Facebook feed exploded with similar posts, I have a very strong leg to stand on when making that statement.  According to USA Today, it was the 3rd most popular commercial (behind the Clydesdales).

If you don't know which commercial I am talking about, watch this...
Thanks to Ram Trucks, the National FFA will earn up to $1 million in donation based upon the online views of the commercial.  Every view helps raise money (and awareness).  You can also visit and share a badge.

As many of you know, farming, agriculture, and FFA hold very dear places in my heart
My FFA Family
2000-2001 State FFA Officer Team
I was so glad to see this commercial get such positive attention.  Even Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa talked about it this morning on LIVE!
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Until next time...Thank you God for making a Farmer.


Gram said...

love it! Gave me cold chills. I know my dad loved being a farmer, and he worked very hard and never regretted it. He said many times, everyone needs to work hard and he farmed until he couldn't do it anymore. He was a good one, my dad,my hero!

Denise Allgeier said...

It honestly almost made me cry. I knew there was a reason we only drove Dodge trucks around here ;-)

Anonymous said...

GG loved it too....gave me "goose bumps".

The Stockment's said...

Loved the commercial --, questionable! ;) HAHA Oh, the good ole days! So glad that the commercial is drawing so much attention to our roots!