Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Great-Grandpa!

This past weekend was Great-Grandpa Robertson's 88th Birthday.
We celebrated by having a lunch at Gasthof Amish Village Resaurant.  You might remember, we had Great-Grandpa's birthday party at the same place two years ago.  We had a wonderful time celebrating, and we were even able to get the great-grandkids in attendance to get a photo together... 
L-R: George Martin, Reba, Dallas, Vivian, Great-Grandpa, Grace, and Austin
Great-Grandpa had his 15th great-grandbaby born this week, and he is expecting 2 more in March!

Until next time...

I'm working on some other posts of what we have been doing the last couple weeks

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Anonymous said...

Nice picture! Read email! Love GG