Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dallas' Valentine Project

Dallas' pre-k class had their Valentine's Day party on Friday after the holiday.  I decided for Dallas to help make the cards and gifts for his classmates.  I found the idea from a post a friend made on Facebook via Pinterest.  You can see it here.

The project started with me printing the cards off the computer, and Dallas cut them apart.  Good thing Reba was there to supervise!
Dallas then signed his name to each card
The next day, he added stickers to the baggies
Finally, I helped "zip-loc" (i.e. close) the bags.  Here's the finished pile... (Each baggie has a little wind-up racecar)
We had a lot of fun doing this little project, and I believe all his classmates enjoyed the cars!

Until next time...

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Gram said...

what a great project and I bet his classmates did really like them. Cool and good job Dallas!