Friday, January 11, 2013

Fun Friday Fotos

It is a very rare occasion when I iron clothes, but last weekend Dallas (yes, my 4 year old) had a couple shirts that needed to be pressed.  Reba thought ironing was the coolest thing she had ever seen, so she decided to press some of Lucy's clothes! (and yes, she does have on pants - shorts, actually)
Dallas went back to school on Monday after his two week Christmas vacation.  Do you think there is much change from the first day of Pre-K?
There has also been more painting this week
and a slumber party in the kitchen!
Lastly, Dallas had been asking Daddy for a new hat.  Not any old hat, but a DeKalb hat.  And wouldn't you know, Daddy came through...
Until next time...

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Gram said...

thanks for the great pics. They are just too sweet.