Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frosty the Snowman

We were blessed with another covering of snow on Friday night into Saturday morning.  This time the snow had a bit more moisture to it...aka: great for packing and building a snowman.  But...we had to wait for the kiddos to get back from their trip to Pa and Gram's.  Therefore, we didn't get out to build our Frosty until New Year's Eve.

The kiddos dressed and ready to go outside
By the time, I got dressed and headed outside, they already had the base built and the middle section ready to go up
Helping pack the snow
The head gets attached (Frosty was taller than Daddy!)
I didn't have the best pieces to decorate Frosty, so we improvised...Dallas adding the Colts' sock hat
Reba added the Colts' scarf
Apples for eyes, three baby carrots (held together by toothpicks) for a nose, and goldfish for a mouth!
The kiddos were pretty cold by this point, so we stopped without giving him any arms!
Until next time...

***as of the 6th of Jan, Frosty is still standing.  He has melted some and is leaning a bit more.  We are to get temps in the 40's this next week.  I wonder how much longer he will be with us...

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Gram said...

wow, what a big snowman! I am sure they all had fun