Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa's Helpers

The other night as I was putting together our family Christmas card, Reba kept asking if she could help.  I finally decided that she could stuff the envelopes, and oh, was she excited!

Of course, once Dallas saw that Reba was helping, he wanted to help, too!  Thankfully, there were enough cards to justify two envelope stuffers.

So, if you receive a card with a folded corner ... just know it was stuff with love from Reba or Dallas!

The next day, while Dallas was at his weekly speech appointment, Reba and I jetted over to the post office and bought stamps.  After picking Dallas up and heading home, it was time to stamp all of those Christmas cards!  And wouldn't you know...I had some great help for that, too.

We only had two mistakes (that I am aware of)...Dallas put one stamp over the front mailing label, and Reba placed one stamp in the upper left-hand corner!  I caught them quickly, and the stamps were easy to remove and re-stick in the correct spot.

Until next on the lookout for the mailman bringing you a special card from our corner of the state :)

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Gram said...

Gram wishes she had some Santa little helpers like this. And they are such cutie helpers too.