Monday, December 24, 2012

Lights Under Louisville

For those that don't know, Ma-maw LOVES Christmas lights!  So, when she heard about Lights Under Louisville, she was quick to send an email to us girls asking to go while we were home.  Lucky for Ma-maw, not only does she have three girls that love to look at lights, she also has two grandbabies that LOVE to look at the lights!
The light display are underground through Mega Caverns.  They had different themes as you made your way through.  Here are just a few of our favorites...
Pre-Historic Christmas
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...
The kiddos loved the monkey - probably because they are monkeys themselves!
 Little Bo Peep
Tinker Bell! (and Peter Pan)
 The Peppermint Mill
Here Comes Santa Claus...

on a Harley?
by helicopter?
The Reason for the Season
Frosty the Snowman!
Near the end of the display, they had this beautiful tunnel of lights to drive through!
Bye, bye Santa!
Until next time...


Gram said...

nice bunch of lights

Gram said...

oh, by the way. Did Dallas and Reba tell you two about our outing at looking at Christmas lights when they stayed? We really found the best display right there in Waldron, with music too. they loved it! Listen for them to tell you about Emily's also, I'm sure they will.

Denise Allgeier said...

We took the boys for the first time this year. I was wary of if they would appreciate it since they are only 1 & 2 but they both LOVED it. Glad to see you liked it too! I plan on trying to take them every year.