Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Dallas was very excited to come home from Aunt Katie's and get the Christmas tree up!  After a full day of work around the house Monday after returning from Iowa, we started on the Christmas tree that night.  Thankfully, I had a couple strands of lights that worked!
Reba got to hang the first ornament, an angel from her godparents.

Dallas then hung his dog "ornament" that he got from Reba's godparents as well.

The finished tree!
We were also able to get the kiddos' personal trees up in their room.  Ma-maw gets them a special ornament each year, so Dallas has 4 ornaments and he thought he needed to add a few more items to "fill up" his tree.
Reba's tree
Last year, one of Doug's aunts passed down a tree to us; I think it looks wonderful in the basement!
We also put up outside decorations (a week after putting up the inside trees).  Last year, my "Charlie Brown" tree lost 98% of its lights, so this year I had the brilliant idea to take those lights off and put new lights on.  Sound easy enough?  It was a pain! but it at least it looks great now...
Finally, my "Black Friday" find...a Nativity Set
Until next time...

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Gram said...

It all looks great with all the lights. You guys all done a great job.