Friday, September 21, 2012

Fun Friday Fotos - PBS Fun Fest!

Last weekend, my friend Carla passed on some information about the PBS (Free) Fun Fest that was going to be held in downtown Evansville.  She also mentioned that a few of our favorite characters were to be in attendance.
Any guesses...
Once arriving, we first saw that the fire department had one of their trucks open so that the kiddos could climb aboard
Then, we found one of the main people we had come to find...Curious George!
Dallas walked up with little no fear, but Reba wouldn't go unless Momma went too.  Thankfully, the mom behind us was kind enough to snap a picture (Daddy was at work that morning)

There were many booths set up at the festival with crafts, coloring, and various games, but the kiddos weren't interested in them...they just wanted to see the characters!

On our way to find more friends, we passed the booth for PBS' newest show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (think modern-day Mr. Roger's).  Isn't this a "Grrr-ific" kid?
Next, we found Super Why - you might remember Dallas mentioning this as his favorite show in this post
Next to Super Why was The Cat in the Hat - after I took this picture and started to walk away, Reba became upset because she didn't get her picture taken, but again...she wouldn't go near the characters without me.
To help calm her down, we went to visit the clowns who were doing balloon creations!

Dallas chose a blue dog - to match his shirt
Reba picked a purple butterfly - because "that's my favorite"
Reba then saw the chance to paint!
Yes, that is a car she is painting!

After Reba changed paint brushes, another child (I'm going to say somewhere in the 8-10 age range) so kindly ran into her, knocking the paint brush in Reba's hand, and added this bit of paint to Little Miss' hair and face...
Luckily, it was washable poster paint, and it came off (and out) very easily!

As we were getting ready to leave, Clifford the Big Red Dog arrived!  As we were waiting in line, Reba's butterfly balloon popped a wing...hence the unhappy little girl
Lastly, the kiddos each got to pick out a new book!  Don't they looked thrilled?!?!
Overall, we had a great time - here's to hoping for more fun family outings as the kiddos get older and become braver in new situations :)

Until next time...

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Gram said...

looks like a fun day. Glad you got to go.