Thursday, September 27, 2012

Apple Orchard

On Tuesday, we headed out with a local mom's group on a field trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin farm.  You might remember us doing this same trip last year...Click here to see last year's visit to the orchard.

Dallas spotted this huge pumpkin right away and wanted his picture taken with it
Reba chose the little pumpkins
At the start of the tour, we learned about Johnny Appleseed and how he started many orchards by collecting the seeds from cider mills
The orchard is starting to replace some of their original trees (not ones planted by Johnny Appleseed), this young tree was the only tree in the orchard to still have apples on it
The last original tree - over 50 years old!
We were even able to sample some of the cider they make
It was delicious! 
Before heading home, I had to get one more picture...
...and compare it to last years
Until next time...


Missy!! said...

How fun!! So, I have to ask, how did you find your mom's group? Just wondering if we have one in my area that I need to join :)

Gram said...

looks like lots of fun and looks like really nice weather too.