Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preschool - Week 7

Today was the start of week 7 for Dallas at preschool.  Dallas has spent a week talking about shapes, a week talking about colors, a week on the letter A, a week on the letter Y, and this week it is the letter P.  I'm also so happy to report that there were NO tears today! 


Then, Dallas started talking tonight about these other things he did at school today:
     He colored with Elliot, Audrey and Dillion;
     He played tractors with Spencer and Katelyn; and
     He took a train ride with Ryan

I really think he is liking it!

Until next time...


Lisa Robertson said...

Awesome Dallas!! Keep up the great work!!

Love Aunt Lisa

connie said...

I am so very glad to hear how he is adjusting. So much easier on mom.

Carla said...

Maybe next week will be "h" to spell HAPPY! At least he tells you his friends names. Ciara can't tell me the names of her friends.

Anonymous said...

Dallas, GG is so PROUD of you...keep up the good work and enjoy school bunches!