Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just have to share...

I was originally going to put this in the the Fun Friday Fotos, but I thought it deserved its own post. 

On Tuesday evening, Doug, the kiddos and I headed to Shelbyville.  On Wednesday, we celebrated the life of Doug's Great Aunt Emma.

Aunt Emma passed away on Saturday morning at the young age of 102.  She was such an amazing woman, and she had sooo many wonderful adventures in her life.  Just check out this picture:
That's Aunt Emma at Mount Rushmore!  Yes, Mount Rushmore is in the process of being constructed!
You can see that President Washington's head is completed, and they are working on President Jefferson's head.  After a little research on the Internet, I am guessing the picture was taken late 1934 or early 1935 (explains the quality of the photo).

Another thing, look closely at the above picture and then look at the picture below of how Mount Rushmore looks now:
Did you notice that in Aunt Emma's picture President Jefferson's head is being sculpted to the left of President Washington's?!?!  According to Wikipedia, "Before the head was complete, Borglum [the sculpture] ordered that it be blasted off due to poor rock quality. Jefferson's head was started again to the right of Washington."

How cool is that?

Until next time...

Rest in Peace, Aunt Emma.  You will be missed.

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Carla said...

So, did you leave the kiddos up there? Maybe I'll see you tomorrow at the yard sale?