Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jackson County Fair

On Wednesday last week, I took the kiddos to the Jackson County Fair so they could help Pa-paw and Aunt Lisa show the sheep.

As with much of the rest of the nation, it was super-duper hot that day. Reba was trying to keep cool with a rag on her head This little girl loves to be center of attention
She also loves the camera
I had one of the world famous lemonade shake-ups from the fair, the kiddos liked the lemons that came in it

Then, it was time for the show. Pa-paw even brought a ewe for Dallas to show! (with some help from Momma)

Dallas did a great job of holding the lead of the halter
I told Dallas to follow Pa-paw when it was time to do the "parade lap"...I forgot to mention that he was to stay close to his ewe
Can you tell he was really into helping?

We had to take a snack break after showing (yes, the kiddos wore their cowboy boots with shorts)
Pa-paw ended the night with Supreme Ram! Dallas decided to name the ram "Lightening" (I'm guessing after Lightening McQueen)
Dallas and Reba then left with Gram and Pa to spend the rest of the week and weekend at their house. Doug and I have been working on unpacking the remaining boxes since we don't have little hands "helping"

Until next time...

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Carla said...

Did you get them all unpacked???