Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Excuse me, while I rant...

Usually, I have a decent luck at the BMV.  Last night was the exception.

Doug took off work early so we could finally go get our new license, transfer the vehicle titles, and get new plates for the vehicles.  We arrived at 6:05 p.m. (because I initially missed the turn); the branch was to close at 7 p.m.  As we walk in I notice there weren't too many people sitting in the waiting area, and they had each station staffed with BMV personnel!  It was looking to be a good night.

I stepped up to the check-in counter, smile on my face, and state that we are needing to get new licenses and plates, as we just moved *wink* to Indiana.  The lady at the counter turns to look at the clock and says, something along the lines of, you won't be able to do that today because you will have to take the written exam, and we stop administrating them 1 hour before the branch closes.  Are you kidding me?!?!  It's 6:05...55 minutes before close!

She proceeds to say that we can go ahead and switch the vehicles and passes us along to another staff personnel to set up our file.  After sitting down to explain what I'm needing, the lady asks if both vehicles are "here".  I said, "Here? As in the parking lot, here?"  "Yes," was her reply.  I said "No, we only drove one vehicle here."  She then goes on to tell me that she can only transfer and plate the vehicle that is in the parking lot because she has to do a VIN check.  Again, are you kidding me!?!?

OK, so it is just about a wasted trip at this point, but at least we can get ONE thing done.  Forty-five minutes later, the gal tells me that my total due is $300 plus!  I said, "Excuse me?"  I went on to ask when my renewal date will be because that must be a full years price for the truck.  (In Iowa, we got to choose what month we wanted to renew our plates, but I was pretty sure Indiana had a system that was alphabetical by last name.  Bergman should be toward the beginning of the year...right?  It should be a pro-rated price...right?)  She goes on to say that we will renew our plates in February; that $300-something is pro-rated!  Are you kidding me?!?! 

I go on to say that if $300-something is for 7 months, I am really going to HATE the price for 12 months.  I go on to say, in Iowa, we only paid $65.50 a YEAR for plates for the truck.  She then gasps, and says she must have forgot to check a box stating that we were new residents.  She then calls the "team leader" over to have her void the transaction, and she does it again - remembering to check the appropriate box.  My new total was $110-something.  Much better; still a lot higher than Iowa, but better.

So, it's now 7 p.m., we have the plates and registration in hand for the truck; and an Indiana driver's manual in the other hand so we can study before taking the written exam to get our license.  Wish us luck!

Until next time...


connie said...

sorry about your luck! Hopefully your next visit will be better. Sure isn't what you want to have to deal with.

emenchho said...

That is crazy!!! I wish those were the plate fees here! I could have warned you about them needing to see the vehicle because they did that when I got my car. I'm glad I haven't moved out of state and back in...I wouldn't want to have to retake the test! ha

Missy!! said...

I feel your pain! When I moved to IL, not only did I have to take the test, but they told me the next TWO times I renew I'll have to take it, to make sure I'm a "good" driver!

Good luck at the BMV!! :)