Wednesday, May 4, 2011



I was able to get some time in this morning to update the blog!  The kiddos woke up at 5:45 this morning, ate pop-tarts, and are now snoozing again.  We are all battling colds in this house, so it has been an interesting few days around here.

Here are a few other updates of what's been going on...

We were to close on the house last Friday, but it didn't happen.  We are still negotiating terms with the sellers, so if you have a few prayers to spare - we would love for you send up one for us that we can get this all settled...soon.

I have been absolutely engrossed in the Twilight Saga for the last 3 weeks!  That's one reason for my absence from the blog ;) My friend, Laura, let me borrow the first book, Twilight, while I was in Iowa with the movers.  I finished that book in about a day and a half.  I then borrowed the remaining three from my sister, Lisa.  I read New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, in less than a week each!  I never understood what all the hype was about when they books first came out - I mean vampires and werewolves?  But once I started reading them, I just couldn't put them down!  Yea, I pretty much neglected all my adult responsibilities while reading those books.  I should have known I would like the mythical stories...I loved the Harry Potter Series just as much!

As I mentioned in "previous" posts, we have had a lot of rain down here; therefore, Doug's group at work have not been able to get in the fields and plant.  They were able to do one field in Kentucky about a month ago, but I think it is standing in water like many other fields in the area.  Doug and his boss, Dean, left this morning to go to an Illinois station (Thomasboro) to set up the planter.  They are hoping to get the GPS set up and the spacing settings aligned so that they don't have to waste a day when the rain actually stops long enough to get in the fields here.  Doug and Dean might even go farther north (Waterman, IL) to help that station plant, so he could be gone for a few days.

Well, that is what's new around here.  Make sure you scroll down and check out all the "updates".  I back-dated the posts so that they were posted on the days the events actually happened.  They go back to April 22 (Dallas' speech appointment and seeing the Easter Bunny).

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Missy!! said...

I was the same way with the Harry Potter books! I would read them when I finished supper and then before I knew it, it would be 2 am! Work was a little rough for a couple months! :)

I've debated on reading the Twilight books, but now I'm so engrossed in The Left Behind series! Those are some good reads too!

I hope Doug and Dean enjoy our little neck of the woods! The Thomasboro plant is between my church and my grandparent-in-laws (They are the white house just east of the plant!)

5:45 must be a magical number... Max has been getting up then too.. so much for him sleeping until 7!

Good luck on the house closing, I hope it works out quickly and in your favor! :)

Welcome back to the "world of the living"!

Carla said...

There's still no sign at the house, so they must have taken it down. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.

Mandie said...

Good luck with the house!!

And I adore Twilight. I admit it.

emenchho said...

haha...I loved both Harry Potter & Twilight. I agree, I think it's the mystical aspect of what else could be out there. :) Glad you enjoyed 'em!