Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

My Mother's Day started on Friday afternoon when Doug got home from Illinois!  It was so nice to have him back in time to enjoy the weekend together as a family.  As we were sitting in the apartment wondering what to do for the weekend, we decided to head north to visit with our parents (even with the high gas prices we knew the kiddos would enjoy the weekend a lot more having room to run around and be outside).  We quickly gathered our dirty laundry, a few pairs of clean clothes for everyone, and made our way to my parents' house.

We decided to meet my mom and dad at Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbus for supper.  We just love the food there...and Reba just loved the ranch dressing!
She started by dipping her fries and licking the ranch off.  Then she forgot about the fries and just dipped her fingers.  Finally, she said to heck with the fingers and just licked the cup!  She had ranch dressing everywhere!
We spent all day Saturday with my parents.  Ma-maw, Lisa, Reba and I went to town that morning to pick out some hanging baskets and to run a few errands.  Pa-paw, Doug and Dallas took a ride to see a nearby dairy farm that is a customer of my dads.  Dallas is still talking about those milk cows!  Saturday afternoon, Doug and I helped plant flowers around Ma-maw and Pa-paw's house.  We had so much fun playing the dirt that I forgot to take any pictures!  Pa-paw also got the battery charged on his tractor, so Dallas had a blast riding on it.

Sunday morning we met up with Gram and Pa at church.  Reba fell asleep within the first 5 minutes; therefore, she was a perfect angel throughout the entire Mass.  Dallas was on really good behavior as well.  We couldn't believe how well he behaved, and we were praising him up one side and down the other.  His response: "Get ice cream!"  Hmmm...maybe we bribe a little too much with the ice cream?  Somehow, we convinced him pancakes at Denny's would be a great alternative.

After breakfast, we headed back to Gram and Pa's house and just enjoyed the day outside - and I remembered to get my camera out.  Reba enjoyed being pulled on the pedal tractor.  You know that girl is comfortable when she has her thumb in her mouth.
The kiddos got this tire swing for Christmas, and they were finally able to test it out on Sunday.

Gram recently bought this sand and water play table for the kiddos.  They had a blast playing in the sand!
That was our weekend.  Doug later apologized for not "getting" me anything for Mother's Day; my reply was that he was working on buying me a house...that covers quite a few Mother's Day gifts :) and birthdays and anniversaries.  Plus, I had all I needed in being able to spend the day weekend with the ones that I love the most.

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